Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Grateful because...

these women appreciate a good picture.
these women think it's funny to talk about fake sun flare.
these women know how to make Fart Putty explode.
these women don't flinch when you call said Fart Putty, "Pussy Putty."
these women know what to do when you're mobbed by co-eds.
these women know how to rock sun flare out of their asses.
these women love their families.
these women travel to meet their friends.
these women don't make first meetings awkward.
these women are already talking about the next time we walk.
these women feel like I've known them for a long time.
these women don't mind sharing their secrets.
these women don't mind dirty drinking glasses or don't mind cleaning them.
these women like wine & beer.
these women can't stop staring at Beyonce's thighs.
these women talk to strangers online & fly to their homes.
these women talk to strangers on campus & ask to take their picture.
these women are my friends.



  1. a perfect time together i can tell.

  2. we fingered that pussy good... gross, i did not just say that!

  3. I'll never look at "Towing Zone" quite the same

  4. Damn you. That made me teary...

    This should be one of your first "BS Fable Folk" quotes. It's brilliant.

  5. fantastic.
    so jealous of your walk.
    big smiles.