Friday, July 1, 2011

Things To Do This Weekend, But Most Likely Next Week Too

I love lists. Make them all the time. Like to cross off little accomplishments. Sometimes, I'll even make a list of the things I've done just to reassure myself that I was, in fact, productive that day. But in the summer, when the schools are closed, and I don't have anywhere special to be at 7:10 AM, I need a list to function for the day. Without it, I'll look up at the clock and realize that it's 2:56 PM, and I'm still in my PJs* But weekends are worse because both of us are home . . . and it's very likely that we could both be in our PJs at 2:56 PM.

Nothing to do with the post . . . just the junk that I must now clean up

The weekend I should:
  1. Get my next round of clothes for Project 333 selected. 
  2. Head to the attic and make room for my dresser . . . since I love that it matches Dave's and I refuse to let it go (plus I don't think my in-laws would forgive me).
  3. Finish the skeleton of my Blackboard course. It's taking forever to get one unit done, and there are times I would like to scream. 
  4. Clean the gutters. Which means: get out the ladder, climb up, scoop the shit out, let the water drain, then take a shower 
  5. Sit 'n Knit on Saturday and work the Fourth of July sale. Any knitters dream: personal shopper/pusher for all things fibery and good. 
  6. Possibly see a movie. Really want to see Bad Teacher if only to reassure myself that I am not. 
  7. Vacuum. I hate it, but I'm pretty sure that Dave is mowing the lawn, and it's the least I can do. 
  8. Possibly see if the Girls are free (but this might have to wait until next weekend . . . so don't get mad if you're reading this and don't see us this weekend, J & S).
  9. Consider weeding. I say "consider" because I'm thinking that from a distance the weeds look green and lush and almost plantlike so why bother. At least I tell myself that they look green and lush.
  10. Knit a few repeats on Starskey or finish the decrease section on Idiot project 2
I should do all that, but I probably won't. I might get about one half of it done. Maybe I'll surprise myself and get 90% done. But I've got next Tuesday to work on the rest.

- Jill

* Most English teachers grade essays and paragraphs and reports, so many - at least three per month - are spent grading writing. So the fact that I might be in my PJs at 2:56 PM on a Wednesday is called "Sunday, February 27" . . . and that evens things out a bit in my mental ledger.