Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Pssst . . . Ya, You!

This site hasn't been cutting it for a while . . . so I'm moving over here. And I promise, I'm posting more frequently. Adjust your RSS feeds if you like.

- Jill

Sunday, February 5, 2012

A Day In the Life, Or What It Feels Like For a Mug

Sometimes, I just go off on a tangent. This would be one of them. And occasionally, I think better of my tangents. This would not be one of them. I give you . . . my mug's day. Yes, people have been clamoring to know how the humble mug spends its day. And in a first ever photo expose, here you have it. It ain't pretty, but it's real life, people.

Pick me! Pick me! Seriously, I'm on top . . . do not go for the Starbucks . . . they are stuck up assholes!

Could you do iced coffee every once and a while . . . it's scalding my insides, dammit!
Sugar?! Really . . . should your coffee match your heart? And clean the spoon. It's been talking about you for days.
Sunlight . . . finally. Wonder how long this will last.
This spot again. I'll be here all week at the rate this bimbo does the dishes. All. Damn. Week.