Friday, July 1, 2011

Things To Do This Weekend, But Most Likely Next Week Too

I love lists. Make them all the time. Like to cross off little accomplishments. Sometimes, I'll even make a list of the things I've done just to reassure myself that I was, in fact, productive that day. But in the summer, when the schools are closed, and I don't have anywhere special to be at 7:10 AM, I need a list to function for the day. Without it, I'll look up at the clock and realize that it's 2:56 PM, and I'm still in my PJs* But weekends are worse because both of us are home . . . and it's very likely that we could both be in our PJs at 2:56 PM.

Nothing to do with the post . . . just the junk that I must now clean up

The weekend I should:
  1. Get my next round of clothes for Project 333 selected. 
  2. Head to the attic and make room for my dresser . . . since I love that it matches Dave's and I refuse to let it go (plus I don't think my in-laws would forgive me).
  3. Finish the skeleton of my Blackboard course. It's taking forever to get one unit done, and there are times I would like to scream. 
  4. Clean the gutters. Which means: get out the ladder, climb up, scoop the shit out, let the water drain, then take a shower 
  5. Sit 'n Knit on Saturday and work the Fourth of July sale. Any knitters dream: personal shopper/pusher for all things fibery and good. 
  6. Possibly see a movie. Really want to see Bad Teacher if only to reassure myself that I am not. 
  7. Vacuum. I hate it, but I'm pretty sure that Dave is mowing the lawn, and it's the least I can do. 
  8. Possibly see if the Girls are free (but this might have to wait until next weekend . . . so don't get mad if you're reading this and don't see us this weekend, J & S).
  9. Consider weeding. I say "consider" because I'm thinking that from a distance the weeds look green and lush and almost plantlike so why bother. At least I tell myself that they look green and lush.
  10. Knit a few repeats on Starskey or finish the decrease section on Idiot project 2
I should do all that, but I probably won't. I might get about one half of it done. Maybe I'll surprise myself and get 90% done. But I've got next Tuesday to work on the rest.

- Jill

* Most English teachers grade essays and paragraphs and reports, so many - at least three per month - are spent grading writing. So the fact that I might be in my PJs at 2:56 PM on a Wednesday is called "Sunday, February 27" . . . and that evens things out a bit in my mental ledger.


  1. I am so not a good list maker. Once in a blue moon I'll indulge, but it seems I only use them for processing, then forget about them. I say pass on cleaning the gutters and swap that one out for something fun to pay you back for all those graded papers. Oh, the memories...

  2. The most important thing about making lists is having at least one thing on there that you've already done. You can cross it off and feel good about yourself. I'll go to any lengths to fool myself into doing shit I don't want to. Good luck with your list.