Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I Wouldn't Want the Electric Bill

Hopefully, Las Vegas harnesses solar energy . . . hopefully. Dave was in Las Vegas for his annual convention, and I flew out to spend the weekend after with him. Even though I've been there before, it never ceases to amaze me from the glitz and the tackiness to the hopefulness that still reeks from every crack in the pavement. Time-share salespeople push beyond what any person would call politeness. The men and women clacking their stacks of "Live, Nude Girls" cards on every corner don't really care if you are a man or woman or with a man or woman as long as you take one of their cards. Super-cut and highly inked guys who probably spend more time in the gym in one day than I do in a year have girls who spend more time on their hair in one day than I do in a year on their arms. Panhandlers move from one spot of shade to the next. Homes off the strip clearly haven't had legal occupants in them in ages if you go by the "no shades in the windows must mean foreclosure" theory.

Double Parked
It was 101 in the sun, and for once, I didn't really mind.

The Veer
Glitz, glamor . . . and a CVS

Clearly . . . All You Need
Love, Peace, Hope, Passion, Desire . . . all words I can get behind
And again . . . that hopefulness still pushes through from the cracks in the pavement whenever someone drops a $10 in a penny machine and makes $120 in two punches of a button. Luckily, he bought me a gellato for dessert that evening.

I'm headed off to bed to try and recoup some missing sleep . . . there more photos on Flickr in the Las Vegas set.


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  1. next time head up north and come see me in Reno.
    it's better uo here ;)