Friday, September 24, 2010

"It's Friday & I'm in Love" A seat that doesn't take me from A to Z.

My favorite for this Friday is just a seat.  A seat that doesn't hurt my back.  A seat that doesn't recline or lurch forward with a firm tug.  A seat not covered in old french fry salt or dog hair.  My favorite seat doesn't welcome my butt in Ohio & says good-bye to my ass in Indiana.  My favorite seat is at home.

I've been driving a lot for work lately, so it's nice to have a stationary seat this Friday.  That seat isn't in front of the computer.  It's in front of a television with a tea, knitting & books within reach.  And I'm hoping that seat turns into a sweet little nap spot.

I'm also loving this app.  Maybe next Friday, I'll visit a store for an upgrade. 

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