Friday, October 8, 2010

"It's Friday & I'm in Love" The Sun by Tip Top

I can't stop looking at these photos & I can't stop searching for this light.  While we were driving, it was so bright Jill was hoping that it was a green light.  It was & we arrived safely.  When you shoot into, it actually hurt & blinded you.  But it was worth the pain.

I can't bring myself to toss the blurry ones.

Or the ones that were accidental misfires & had to be rescued in ACR.

I want to hang out on this street & just hope the sun comes back.  It's a good pay-off for looking like a creepy homeless woman muttering about the sun.

Here's a slideshow from our Flickr Meet-up.  Next time, I'm going to do a better job of capturing everyone. We were supposed to do a larger walk with more friends before dinner, but it was raining. Next time...

Thanks, Xanthe for the tip!  This should be a shared "It's Friday & I'm in Love" post because I can't stop watching her video.  Can't stop.


  1. yes yes yes!!
    you did it and it's wonderful, can't wipe the smile off my face. you've captured the whole feeling of your trip and the finished piece is delightful. you should be pleased, so pleased. what a great bunch of shots.
    i've become addicted to making films, just finished another one. i hope you've got the bug too. happy friday! and thanks for the love xoxoxox

  2. there is this notch in our foothills where we hike and i am quite literally addicted to the light that happens every time the sun sets ... right there, that notch, every time. it is the most consistent and consistently beautiful place i have ever been. i feel drunk on that light when we do catch it.

    those pictures are so so wonderful.

  3. I love your Friday concept and these posts..The light is insane, great captures.