Friday, September 17, 2010

"It's Friday & I'm in Love" Bou'isms

I don't usually visit Caribou.  Their coffee taste different.  Don't try to tell me otherwise.  I can tell.  Don't even get me started on their pitiful version of a Pumpkin Spice!  Today, I took a couple minutes after the library to sit & read.  Caribou was on the way home.  I know that they've had this new design for months.  When we do visit, it's for something cold & there are no words on the plastic cups.  During those visits, I never have time to read their windows which are also loaded with phrases. I'm usually begging a kid to keep the lid on their milk.  Why is it they feel the need to look inside their milk?  But today was definitely a hot drink type of day.  The rain had just stopped & kept threatening to crash my solo date.  But I fought hard & sat outside.  Inside sounded like a shooting range.  Why do people type so hard?  I got it.  You have a laptop.  You don't need an office.  Got it.  There must be a Facebook group for that annoyance.  Anyway...  It was the perfect time for me to get lost with their cups.  Gimmick?  I don't care.  I like a good one.  And I discovered that they've quote one of our favorite movies.

"While I really do prefer emeralds we could have made it on green glass."
"Thoroughly Modern Millie"

Today, sweet graffiti on cups is a favorite.  Here's another side of my cup.  Take something from it.  That's the point.

I'm also a sucker for bookcovers.  I judge.  But don't we all?  


  1. really love "Qyestion authority!". Simply awesome.

  2. i have to admit, i prefer caribou. it might be because i think their iced coffee is superior to that other place.

    loving that book cover too.

  3. roll down the hill.
    Andy just taught O the joys of this 'game' and they have been giggling their way down the littl slope in our front yard ever evening.

  4. i need a cup like that.
    we don't have caribou here. now i am kind of sad i see i am missing out.
    what i truly want is a tattoo up my entire arm just like that cup. that is truly what i need/want.