Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Is it true love or just fall making me itchy?

Have you seen Twist Collective Fall 2010?

Two patterns are making me seriously consider a trip to the yarn store or at least to my basement.  But after not finishing a project in about a year, is this true love or infatuation?  Do I dare venture down the path of broken dreams called UFO Avenue?

I'll just look through my apple picking pictures again.  That's distracting.

Maybe not. A cozy cabled hoodie would look perfect in an orchard. Shit.



  1. City Scape has been tempting me, too!

  2. ooh those are good. but I still have yet to conquer an adult sweater...
    I really want to make tea leaves though... maybe a little challenge for ourselves this fall? I dare you if you dare me.

    (and I SO want to go apple picking- love your shots!)

  3. those were my two favorites too.
    now i want an apple.