Sunday, September 25, 2011

'Tis His Birthday Tomorrow

And I have no clue what to buy him. Seriously, I don't know what to buy my husband for his 42nd birthday. Thought about buying him the latest Pearl Jam album, but he bought it on the road. I could pick up the latest action figure he's looking for, but it's hit or miss so that could be either tomorrow or next week or next year. Then again, I could buy him a book or a DVD, but he pretty much does that himself. So I have no clue.

Instead, I thought I would tell some secrets about him:
  • Every time there's a Prince song on, he does this little dance that makes me grin from ear to ear. He likes Prince more than any white man with no rhythm should. 
  • He graciously spells words for me because he knows I am a poor speller. In fact, he just spelled "rhythm" for me. 
  • For our first married birthday together, he bravely ate the grapefruit meringue pie I made even though I used whole wheat flour, and it looked like it had bugs in it. 
  • He doesn't really say too much if I spend a day (or two) on the weekend in my pj's grading papers. If we do choose to go someplace, it's with an understanding that I will brush my teeth and hair, but there will be no makeup. 
  • If I need to, he lets me cry on his shoulder and doesn't say anything. It's kind of nice because people really shouldn't say anything when you are crying on their shoulder. 
  • He'll check on the dog just to make sure she's still breathing. 
  • When I get overly invested in a football game, he doesn't shush me or tell me to stop like some people I know (hint: our daughters).
  • If we are on a trip to Philly or New York City and we're walking, he walks with me no matter how far we choose to hoof. I just have to remember to get us to a food cart earlier. 
  • He doesn't tease me about my grey hair and tells me that he likes it. 
  • He's one of the most compassionate people that I know. And he's never forgotten where he comes from or how far we've come. 
  • After 21 years, he still makes me laugh on a daily basis. Sometimes over something that he does like the whole "Cat in a box" idea. Sometimes over nothing at all.
  • On weekend mornings, he lets me put my head on his shoulder and fall asleep there even though he knows I'll leave an ear print or press down on his chest. 
  • He owns everything that Pearl Jam and the Wu Tang Clan have ever released. I'd be hard pressed to tell you what they sing . . . fine, I could tell you some Pearl Jam songs, but the Wu Tang Clan is a mystery. 
  • He's cleaned the bathroom more than I ever have in my entire life. Add to that the laundry. 
  • He reads voraciously and shares what he reads with me. It doesn't matter what he's reading; it all gets shared. 
  • When we are together, he holds my hand in public. 
  • He still calls me "Sweetie" when he leaves me voicemail messages . . . and I save at least one of them when he's on the road in case I don't hear his voice again. 
  • He's provided an excellent example for our Girls for what a husband and a father should be like.
  • He never ends a phone call without saying "I love you" . . . unless there are people in his office, but then he calls right back to tell me when they are gone. 
The Looks I Get
Dave . . . almost at 42
As of tomorrow, he will have celebrated at least one half of all his birthdays with me.  I still don't have a clue what to buy (other than the one small thing I have) for his birthday. In the past, I've given him silly toys or a tickets to a Steelers' game or DVDs or god knows what else. I guess I have 24 hours (ish) to figure it out for this year.

Cheers . . . and I love you, Dave

*Edited: Went with a Steelers sweatshirt that he said he liked a few weeks ago . . . but I cleared it with him first. 


  1. Sounds like you've got a gem on your hands! N's b'day is on Tuesday...I bought a few things for him, but the best gift will be the carrot cake I bake him. His sister was nice enough to share the recipe so I can be a rock star wife, haha!

  2. I was just catching up here - and saw this post, love it. Honestly: this post came from the heart and you can frame it (or save money and bookmark this page on the computer) and just have him refer to it whenever. You guys are great :-)