Friday, September 16, 2011

Sea Change

One of my favorite Beck album's is the under appreciated Sea Change. It's different than his other works with a moody, more introspective sound than his previous endeavors. There's a lack of sampling that you might have come to expect from Odelay or Mellow Gold; even the lyrics are different. I guess I took to this album because when it was released in 2002, I was going through a sea change myself: transitioning from a learner to a teacher*.

If you've noticed that the blog header is different, then I would say that your eye sight is fairly good. Erika has been blogging fairly regularly on her site, so I think it's safe to say that this is a one woman gig over here. That being said, I decided that something new was in order. I toyed with a new blog. Or a Tumblr site. Or just giving it up altogether. But I just decided that a name change was all it would take.

Feeling the Need For Something New
It was supposed to be a hat . . . now it's waiting to figure out its true destiny

So, this is Unraveling This Life . . . a little knitting, a little life, a little photography. Basically anything that strikes my damn fancy. So if you get a whole post that extols the virtues of spending a whole week having only to wash forks and coffee cups, it's pretty much because I wanted to.


* It probably helped that I first heard its amazing single, "Lost Cause," sitting in the student center at ESU studying for my first final in about 11 years.