Saturday, September 17, 2011

I'll Buy More Spoons

Dave has been traveling a lot since shortly after we got back from the Bahamas. The trips usually start on a Monday and end Wednesday or Thursday. Couple that with the beginning of the school year, and the first thing that suffers (besides sleep) is the dishes. I simply don't cook when he isn't here, or if I do, they involve the microwave and something from the frozen food aisle. Seriously . . . why cook for one person when there are so many other alternatives? Don't preach to me about the preservatives or the ingredients or the cost. It doesn't really bother me.

But not having enough silverware does kind of get to me. I might wash the same spoon over and over again when truly it would take about four minutes longer to wash all of them. And yet I persist in my rewashing of the same spoon.

This morning it bit me in the ass. Dave went to pour himself a bowl of cereal. "Is there any milk in either of these two jugs?" he asks. Shit . . . left the empty jugs in the frig again. "Umm. Maybe? Sorry about that." Then a clatter of silverware hitting the sink. "I guess I should have bought milk yesterday," I say to Dave as he sits down. "It's okay. There weren't any clean spoons," he says.


"Lucky I took a photo of that three days ago," was the best I could muster as a response. Guess I need to fix that.

Enjoy the weekend,


  1. This is what thrift stores are good for-stocking up on silverware I probably shouldn't admit that we run out of spoons faster than anything else because the amount of times we eat cereal for dinner, but it is what it is. Love the new title/masthead.

  2. Oh... wow. it's weird, it's like reading something I would have written a year ago. When Jonathan was traveling every other week, I lived on spaghettio's and ramen noodles and canned soup. I hated doing much of anything when he wasn't here, and I still hate doing the dishes. Always have, always will. The day I enjoy doing dishes is the day I will also enjoy waking up in the morning.