Thursday, March 10, 2011

Flickr Stuff

I haven't worried too much about Flickr crazies.  I also haven't had photos of my kids turn up on random websites.  Maybe then I'd start to worry.  But here's two things I don't understand:

1. Tumblr.  Yes, it's flattering that someone is inspired by my photo.  But when it flies around the web & people click back to the photostream & they don't say "Hi"...  That's weird.

2. People who Favorite a photo or add me as a contact and they don't have photos available to me to look at.  Fine.  If you want to keep your kids private, good.  But don't expect me to share mine with you.  I'll block you.

OK.  I'm done.


p.s. I think I found my cookbook to cook through.  More on that later.


  1. yes and yes.

    I have been super close to being over flickr for just those reasons...

  2. 1. i don't understand tumblr, either. that's where i've seen pictures of emma like CRAZY. and then all of the sudden, i'll have a million new followers from the same part of the world. WEIRD. and why i decided to go f&f w/ the girls.

    2. yes. so weird.

    i love you like a fat kid loves cake. or hell, like *I* love cake.

    and i owe you a return email, but right now? my brain is oatmeal in consistency.

  3. 1. Never going to happen to me . . . my photos aren't that good. But I don't really "get" Tumblr at all.

    2. That creeps me out, but sometimes it is worse when a student - not one of mine but a student nonetheless - adds me as a contact. Ummm, no. No thank you.