Thursday, January 6, 2011

List for 2011.

Just because I love the colors.  Has nothing to do with the post.  Sorry.

I'm not big on making New Year's resolutions.  Not because I'm afraid of breaking them.  I could really give a fuck.  Not because I don't think I could.  I know I could if I really wanted to.  I'm stubborn.  But because it would require insight & preparation.  I don't think I'm any good with that skill.  Yes, I have a pantry.  If we lost power again for a week, we'd have a good diet of chickpeas, rice, tomatoes, & oatmeal.  But we'd have no toilet paper.  And I'd probably start my period, so I'd have no tampons.  And my cell phone would be dead.  But I do love the idea of resolutions.  You get to begin again.  Start over.  Be the better you.  The You that you really wanted to be the previous year, but gave up on in March.   I feel bad for March.  I believe that every March rolls around & people sort of wake up thinking, "WTF was I thinking for the past two months?"  And they go back to the original version.  The perfectly fine version.

Last year, I knew our lives were going to change in 2010.  I knew this was the year that things would get tossed around.  Cooper was going to start Kindergarten & we'd have two kids in two different places.  Cooper is not one for change, so I knew it wouldn't be easy.  I might have told people I was hoping for the best, but I knew that the best wasn't going to happen.  No resolutions needed for 2010.  Life would be different without trying.  And it was.  It wasn't easy.  But we're in a schedule now.  We're in the groove.  And our 2011 doesn't have any foreseen changes.  That doesn't mean nuttiness or life-changing crap won't happen.  It totally could & will.  Maybe the vasectomy didn't work & I get pregnant (god help us all).  Sickness could attack our house.  Cars could breakdown forever.  Work could stay insanely busy.  But I don't see anything that needs a plan of attack.  So why not create some goals for spice?  Why not?

1. Take a class.  Any class.  Cooking, photography, knitting, yoga, backgammon.
2. Take a photography class.  I'm making sure.
3. Get a passport & get my ass out of this county.  For a break.  Not for good.
4. Do my regular doc visits.  Just because I don't need b.c, doesn't mean I should ignore my Lady Parts.
5. Play skee-ball.  I saw this on another blogger's list & instantly wanted to roll.
6. Floss & moisturize more.
7. Print something really big.  Much larger than 8x10.
8. Go on a trip with my husband.  No boys.  Just him.  The grocery doesn't count.
9. Read more fiction.
10. Cook my way through a cookbook.  Current selection in the queue.
11. Attend a concert.  Anything counts.  I have low standards.  Don't ask how many times I've seen boy bands.
12. Write for someone else.  Craiglist not excluded.
13. Sell off my yarn.  If I'm not knitting, I'm sitting on hundreds of dollars.  Hundreds, people.
14. Get a new hair-cut.  Which means growing, so that takes time.
15. Camping with the boys.
16. Finish one big knit project.  I have too many on my needles.  It's sort of gross.
17. Eat more sushi.
18. Spot someone famous.  Don't judge.  It's fun to see someone & think "Wow.  He's taller." or "Hmm.  Looks the same."
19. Watch the current season of Dexter.  I vowed I wouldn't, but I'd like to.
20.  Add more to this list whenever I feel like it.

That's a good starting point.  I must be able to finish a few of those.  Right?



  1. I've never liked March, and I guess now I know why!

    Any specific famous person you're hoping to see?

  2. Oh, I love the list. I will cross my fingers that I can help make #3 happen for you. If we get orders that will be a great excuse for you to come visit! You could come with Mark alone and cross # 8 off too.

  3. 20 pretty fantastic ideas. Pretty much weekly I tell myself to do #6, and I fail. I've been thinking about #7... how to choose? #14, I'm growing my hair out too... we'll see if I last. I like #17 too, so yummy. But mostly my goal for this year: Have fun... I've been "responsible" and "organized" and "serious" too much lately. I need to laugh more, smile, and seek out fun.

  4. I love your list! So many are on my unpublished list. There's nothing wrong with trying to learn something new and enjoy life more so long as you remain you.

    I mean that's what I tell myself because I'm also not a resolution person. I made a sort of resolution on my birthday back in September to start reading the weekend newspaper. It has happened exactly once. Well exactly once I've bought the paper, read 3 or 4 pages and then put it in the recycling bin. Clearly I'm not designed for reading the paper...

  5. yeah, cause you suck at insight *eyeroll

  6. #8... does camping count? ;)

  7. you got it. i will help you. and skeeball? well you know i helped jodi check that of her list this past summer, so you, me, and skeeball, my place this summer, got it? good.