Friday, January 7, 2011

Snow Day #1

Teachers have this bizarre love/hate relationship with snow. Honestly, I've never seen another group of people more addicted to weather channels. Some swear by X while others will go out of their way to discredit X by providing spreadsheet data showing how Y was correct 90% of the time. Personally, I think my relationship is a little more hate/love. Don't get me wrong . . . I love being off of school. I'm sitting here in my PJs, drinking another cup of coffee (which may or may not have a little Bailey's in it), watching The People's Court. But I know that this is one day more in June that I will be sweating my fucking ass off, attempting to get the point across that punctuation still matters and that grammar is important not matter where you are. So, yes, snow days are awesome until June rolls around, and you're left wondering if make-up will really be a good idea (note: it won't because the sweat will be pouring out of your pores).

Project 333, Day 7
A closet of its own

Part of Project 333 is taking a photo of your daily outfit, which is something that I am really sucking at. By the time I get home from work, I really don't feel like trying to look all spiffy and snazzy for a selfie. I'll have to figure out something because those self-portraits just aren't happening. Yesterday was the first day that things went a little pear shaped. I wanted to wear my green cardi but realized that I didn't have a white cami clean. Couple that with getting dressed by the light of my cellphone and you get a recipe for disaster. Long (and truly boring) story short, I dressed up kind of nunlike in all black and put on a winter coat. If you know me, that last bit about wearing a coat is truly remarkable since I will go out in just about any kind of weather without one. I always thought they were more trouble then they were worth, but yesterday it was a necessary evil. And you know what? It felt kind of nice to have one.

A few people at school have said that they wish they could do Project 333 whenever I talk about it. My first reaction is always, "Why can't you?" The reasons are ones that I've given in the past when I thought about getting rid of clothes:
  • I really liked that pair of pants then they fit . . . maybe one day they will again (And they probably won't be in fashion . . . trust me) 
  • It's too much work to go through all those clothes (It does take a lot of work, but so does cramming all that shit in your closet)
  • But I remember exactly when I bought that (I only have this reaction to two articles of clothing and I would never, ever get rid of them)
  • I might need more than 33 pieces of clothing (You might . . . but you'll never know if you don't try)
So far, so good. But I know I have to plan better. It might mean setting out the clothing I'm planning on wearing for the week on Sunday evening or just the night before. I know I need to get rid of two of the shirts I have. One is so old that it isn't black any more. The other is too trendy for me to even think about keeping around. I think I'll hit my old stand by (Old Navy) and pick up a black shirt and a colored shirt . . . but nothing more. Not a snazzy cardi, not a cheap pair of shoes. Nothing. 
- Jill


  1. I get tickled by the reasons people give for not doing Project 333. I wish they'd just say it's not for them if they don't want to do it. I think the perception is that you have to donate all of the clothes you don't use in the project. There are no P333 police coming to take away the clothes you don't plan to wear for three months!!!

    Don't you love an empty closet?!

  2. I like the idea of Project 333 and considered it after I read about it here. As I got to thinking about what I wear the most and what I would keep I realised that a huge problem with my wardrobe is that it doesn't lend itself to combining the different elements. I tend to buy pieces of clothes that I like and then realise that that skirt only matches one shirt and outside of my doc marten boots, I have no shoes to wear it with and it's a summer skirt.

    I recently did have quite a clear out when me and my boyfriend merged households, but will be clearing out more. And as I replace things I'm going to be more conscious of making sure the piece(s) can be worn with several items.