Monday, November 8, 2010

7:30 . . . Brought To You By the Letter "E"

Generally, when Erika has done about ten posts in a row, one of two things has occurred: she's either found a new project OR it's the end of the quarter/I have a ton of essays to grade. Imagine, if you will, a perfect storm of blog silence from me . . . and new project coupled with both the end of the quarter and 130 character sketches of various ranges of mediocrity.

My friend, Brian, for whom I am extremely grateful

It's not that I'm not grateful (hell, I am grateful every morning I wake up and get ready for work), but putting that gratitude into words seems hollow to me and inevitably, my suckiness at it creeps in. I tried to keep a gratitude journal about 13 years ago, and I failed miserably. That journal lasted only about three days; I distinctly remember starting it around October 6th as the first thing I was grateful for was the birth of my niece, Katie. See what I mean? I can't even maintain a written form of gratitude with a new infant.

Autumn Days
Scenes From Under My Maple Tree . . . for which I am exceedingly grateful

Today, however, I'll explain my gratitude in simpler terms. I'm extremely grateful for catching up with a good friend because emails are not enough to fill the void of seeing each other every day. I'm exceedingly grateful for the yellow leaves that float like feathers from a maple tree that has seen more than its fair share of change. I'm eternally grateful for my students' writing, even when it causes me to question whether or not I actually speak the same language as them . . . because surely some of the confusion must be due to a barrier with the Mother Tongue.

We All Make Choices
Stacks of paper, written by 12-year-olds, revised by a 41-year-old . . . for which I am eternally grateful

But most of all, I'm grateful for my sister  who would put up post after post after post - even with sick kids - without bitching or complaining or calling to harangue me because deep down, she knows how to be grateful . . . and she knows that this is the time of year when report cards are due.

- Jill

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  1. Thanks. Maybe you just didn't get the "Grateful" gene. But that's ok cause you got other genes that I'd appreciate having. We're a balanced family!