Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Waiting For My Face To Return To Normal

I chipped a tooth a year ago pulling a needle through a rather tight button (I know, Mom . . . you didn't spend all that money on braces for me to use my teeth as a pliers). So today, I had the front bonded, and now I am waiting to head into work for the second half of my day. The only problem? The novocaine is really messing with the left side of my face. I don't have cavities and have only had novocaine once when I was 12 . . . so this is really freaking me out.

So I'm distracting myself with some photos from our really quick trip to Philadelphia to see the Girls this weekend . . . and focusing on Brew Fest.

- Jill

Jordan at Ted's

Miss Elayne
Shelby at the Franklin Fountain

She's a College Cat
Olive (who hasn't changed a bit)

PhotoBombed By My Oldest
Pretty much how we live . . . and I kind of like it like that

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  1. Brew Fest watch out!

    I LOVE her hair. I can't wait to mess it up in a few days!