Monday, October 11, 2010

Our 10.10.10

I'm about to be honest in the next sentence.  Don't get mad at me or think I'm a horrible mother.  But...

I've been finding that photographing my family is getting a little boring.  This doesn't mean I find my family boring.  Not at all.  Cooper's dances moves are nothing short of fantastic.  Becks talks in silly voices whenever he's playing with his Star Wars characters.  I just mean that shooting my family constantly all day long isn't as fun any more.  Sometimes even shooting a few frames isn't even fun.  I have hundreds of photos of them flashing a grin.  I've captured tons of frames of them doing ordinary things.  They still produce a million camera worthy shots.  I just don't feel the need to snap the shutter with them in my focus.  Maybe it's time to travel to another home.  Just to visit.  I can't walk out on the family.  How would they do the laundry?

But I miss that photography excitement in my house.  So on 10.10.10, I wanted to see if I could fall back into that pattern.  Snap all day long.  Create moments when it isn't technically a photo-worthy moment.  See what happens.  So I kept the camera close & never put the lens cap on.  We had a normal day.  It was actually pretty boring.  We didn't run into any celebrities.  We didn't see a rainbow or visit a gorgeous pumpkin patch which we totally should have.  We just went shopping, wrestled, had ice cream for lunch, had a nap melt-down (he won & then I won), did the dishes twice, dinner, & bedtime.  Nothing fantastic.  Just ordinary junk.  But what I learned was that the right song mixed with a frozen moment can make ordinary look pretty darn beautiful.

"Better Together"-Jack Johnsom & Paula Fuga
All frames are in order from our day.


  1. This is just plain awesome Erika!

  2. Wow, you sure know how to make an ordinary day seem spectacular! Loved watching the slide show!

  3. Love it . . . especially the crying photos of Becks!

  4. I love it...well done! Wouldn't life be more fun if everyday was made into a movie set to Jack Johnson? Glad you made it happen.