Friday, July 30, 2010

"It's Friday & I'm in Love" Sharing.

I don't have a product or song that I'm in love with this week.  I have an verb.  Sharing.  When you have kids, this verb runs strong in your household.  Either they're just learning to share or you're constantly working on it.  I can't think of anything else you focus on during year two of the baby's life.  Some parents work very hard with this action.  Other parents just shrug their shoulders & say, "What are you going to do about it?"  Some parents play the gender card, "She's a girl.  Can't you find another toy?"  Other parents make a strong front with the verb.  One whine from a kid & they swoop in to enforce the sharing.  Others wait until there's screams & a broken toy.  A disclaimer: I don't believe that a 14-month-old should be expected to share with a 3-year-old.  And since the 14 month-old isn't going to share with the 3 year-old, sharing rules can be bent.  3 & a 5 year-old?  Absolutely!    Share, kids!  Share.

Don't you love when it happens & you aren't there to gently demand it?  Here's a scene that unfolded a couple of months ago.  Because I know this is a rare occasion,  I had to document it.  Someday when they're fighting over the car, I'm going to dig up this photo & shove in their little teenage faces.

Coop really wanted the last 4 block & Becks had it.  Notice his disgust & anger.

After whining (when does that end?) about it, Becks said, "He can have mine!"

Coop isn't quite sure that Beck is going to fork it over, but he's hoping.

And just like that our world was good.

May you share your weekend with loved ones!


  1. I can't quite figure out where I stand on the whole sharing issue with my kid. I keep thinking, I sometimes HATE to share my stuff so why the heck would I expect my 23 month old to want to do it? (um, yeah- I am an only child, can you tell)
    Depending on who we are around I either do the swoop in or I let it get to the point of letting them figure it out. and of course praise when a moment like the one you captured above actually occurs.


  2. Love that you captured this.
    I'm the oldest of 3 (up until a few years ago, and now im oldest of 5 - two step-brothers.) and i had to share everything ... sometimes it just wasn't fair, i had to share because 'im older and know better' hehe. so, im with Vanessa above ... it all depends on the situation as to when i step in.