Tuesday, June 1, 2010

You Should Know that We're Pretty Lazy.

I've spent a lot of time telling people how much I hate summer. I realized this weekend that I'm a liar.  It's time for me to be honest.  I'm quite in love with summer because it speaks to my laziness.  The kids aren't into organized sports yet.  Well, that's a lie too.  Remember, I'm lazy.  I'm not into organized sports for the kids yet.  We spend our days in the backyard.  Mark is in the hammock.  I'm in some odd position trying to take a picture of the boys.  The dog is sleeping somewhere.  And that's exactly how I think my summer should be at this point.

We had our first outdoor get-together last night.  It was a smaller affair which spoke even more to my laziness.  I only had to throw together a couple of dishes.  I only had to make sure a few chairs were cleaned.  I only had to inspect 6 dishes for leftover flakes.  Our dishwasher is quite lazy too.  And when it rained, only a few of us got wet.  Sure, I was assembling potato salad at 11 p.m. on Sunday.  Yes, that night I spent 30 minutes with a milk soaked towel on my face because the hot pepper's essences found its way to my cheeks, eyes, & forehead.  Ok, so Mark was covered in sweat trying to rid the yard of two years worth of leaves.  (See? Lazy.)  But honestly those tiny things were well worth it.  Sitting around the table with good friends lazily eating chicken, lazily parenting (I'll only speak for my parenting skills), & lazily drinking is the only way to spend your summers.  And it's time that I fess up.  I love you Summer.  Welcome back.

I'll add one more point to prove my laziness.  The boys got up late this morning.  Realizing that they had not been bathed since Saturday, I knew I'd have to fill the bath prior to daycare.  Becks hair is extra Fab because of the sunscreen & sweat "product" he's been using all weekend.  I'll just keep them home & run that bath later today.  It'll get done.  I promise.  Maybe I'll just hose them down...  That's another plus for a Lazy Woman's summer.

(they were "Cheers-ing their popsicles)
p.s. If I don't get my A/C fixed in my car, I might have to amend this post.



  1. Erika, sounds like a perfect way to kick of the summer. I will popsicle cheers to that!

  2. I second Vanessa! That doesn't sound lazy at all (because it sounds like me, so if it is lazy, then i am too...) it just sounds like summer to me!
    A pop-cheer from me too! :o)

  3. Not lazy....perfect summer attitude, I say!

  4. hoses TOTALLY count as showers in this lazy mommas book. lol

  5. ok, now you are rubbing it in a little... you are beyond lazy! i often wonder if you ever sleep?!