Monday, June 7, 2010

A Morning of Strawberries

I signed up for Creative Bootcamp. Today's lesson focuses on calling yourself an artist. I'm not sure I'm there yet. For me the big thing with being an artist means judgement.  If I call it art, someone can call it crap.  And really my pictures are just my life.  And while sometimes my life is crappy, I get to call it Crap.  No one else gets to sling that word about my Life.  Truth be told, I struggle calling myself a photographer. I usually say, "I like to take pictures." To me an actual "Photographer" is someone who gets paid for their work.   I don't get a paycheck from taking pictures.  I'm not sure I'd want a paycheck for taking pictures.  I hope by the end of this two-week Bootcamp, I'll be comfortable accepting a another title.  Be it Artist, Photographer, or Bootcamp Graduate.

Most times, I find comfort in explaining my photos.  I think my words will convey the emotions I was hoping to capture.  Making those pictures better.  Today, I'll shut-up.  Perhaps that an artist's best move.  To let it all speak for itself.



  1. did I not know you had a blog??? Anyway, your pictures are awesome! And if you ever have two hours, we can get into the whole "life is art" conversation!

  2. how did i not know you had a blog too?! you know already i think you are photographer.
    it's easy for me to say believe in your art, i struggle all the time. but we're doing it, enjoying it and actively taking part in life and documenting along the way. i enjoy your photos and your words so much. i'm looking forward to bootcamp too, i thought i started today! oops a day behind already x.

  3. oh girl, these totally speak for themselves. you captured the day so perfectly. your work always tells a story. i love it.
    i understand about feeling weird with calling yourself a photographer. i feel exactly the same way. i would call you an artist for sure, but calling yourself (or myself) one is a bit harder. i'm not sure why. maybe it's insecurity, or not wanting to brag? i even feel odd putting a watermark on my photos that says 'photography' on it. but i feel i can justify that by saying i don't want anyone taking my stuff.
    i look forward to watching you morph into a self proclaimed ARTIST! cause everyone else is already proclaiming it. xo

  4. Your photos are beautiful, especially the bottom two! You don't have to be a professional to be a photographer by AVOCATION.... Treasure your talent and don't worry about what anyone else thinks about your qualifications!!

  5. I believe we are all artists, but i have a hard time calling myself one. And like truly blessed above, i would find it hard putting 'photography" on my photos!
    Gorgeous photos, and can't wait to see more from bootcamp! (I too am joining in, except starting a day late, long weekend here :-p)

  6. Love, love, LOVE your blog! I briefly remember saying you were starting one...and then it went out of my mind! But, I am so glad to have found it bc you rock, and your photos are so creative and "artistically" composed. I have made the jump to calling myself a photographer, just not an artist and sometimes I feel unworthy of even the first title. So just do it - tell people you're an artist with a really serious look on your face and then say nothing...dare ya!