Friday, June 4, 2010

"It's Friday & I'm in Love" Strawberry Head Popper Off Thing

Time for Round Two of "Friday I'm in Love".

I have a sweet spot for strawberries.  I remember being a toddler & hearing how my mom went strawberry picking a couple weeks before she had me.  Only now do I realize what a brave woman she was.  I was breech.  Sat pretty low.  And it was JUNE!  There's no A/C in strawberry patches!  I realize this because I carried Becket the exact same way, but during the winter.  I guess I only have the season to thank for my sanity.  But he was a pound heavier.  That might make us even.  I think during the seventies & early eighties there was a Strawberry decorating boom too.  I remember strawberries every where.  Kitchen towels.  Pot holders. Fabric.  Skirts & hats.  And I can't not mention Strawberry Shortcake.  But I was a Lemon Meringue kid.  I can still smell the chemical lemon scent being blown on my face from the Blow Kiss Dolls.  1982 rocked.  Back to actual strawberries though...

In our family, we claim things in our Parents' house.  Big things are marked with a masking tape name plate.  We figure that when it's time to pack it all up these little name plates will make the difficult much easier.  We're all leaving one day & you can't take it with ya!  I thought every household operates this way.  They don't.  But that doesn't stop me from asking my MIL to let me put my name on things in her house.  She's got a dog teapot that is adorable.  Trust me.  The other thing was this strawberry tool.  The tiny corer came from Pamper Chef & you might think it's unnecessary.  You might think anyone using it is pampered or spoiled.  Well, you'd be right.  One scoop & the whole top is off!  Way faster than a paring knife!  And safer if you have my thumbs.  When I mentioned that I was going to write my name on it, she said "Take it."  I think she said she has two.  I hope she does because I can't imagine living without it.  But then again, all my Moms are unselfish.  She might just have had one & now her strawberry top popping is much harder.

We got a perfectly ripe pint of strawberries this week & I was afraid they'd go bad.  I'm a little nutty because the entire box could have been polished off in 60 seconds by my clan.  I wanted a jam recipe that I could make with stuff I had on hand & one that used a small amount of the berry.  I searched & this one popped up fast.  With good reason too.  It taste like heaven & hell mixed into a pot of gold.  I didn't have the wine on hand (shock) or the green chile.  But I thought it was worth the grocery trip.  Sure was.  It isn't really a jammy as a jam.  More of a drizzling jam.  It doesn't matter cause it taste good on whatever you dip in it.  Saltines?  Yep.  Graham crackers?  Oh yeah.  Your fingers?  Gross, but yes.  Vanilla ice cream?  You bet your 1982 Strawberry Shortcake Blow Kiss Doll is does!

Later this week, there will be no investigative piece!  This Strawberry Head Popper Off Thingie is a Favorite!  And so is the spicy jam!

Keep your fingers crossed for my belly that rain stays away.  If it does, you'll find me knuckle deep in a strawberry patch.  After all it's summer. 



  1. ha i like your strawberry head popper offer thingy too! also works like a charm on tomatoes.. hint hint.

    and yummmm i need me some of that spicy strawberry sauce right now.

    i had a strawberry shortcake cake for my 10th bday i remember it so well. it rocked. and yes that WAS 1982! :)

    happy friday e!

  2. I never knew of such a tool! Or, how my Mother didn't know of it either! Thanks for the info and Thank You Kristin for the tomato idea as well! My FAVORITE Halloween costume growing up was the Strawberry Shortcake costume my Mother made me :)~

  3. Ohhh yum! I didn't know there was such a tool either! and "Your fingers? Gross, but yes." ? not gross. i just make sure i do it quietly and hide behind the open fridge door hehe.