Thursday, June 10, 2010

"It's Friday & I'm in Love" Being Around

 {the word for the day was "Grow" & the microphone was an accident}

Yesterday's Creative Boot Camp's lesson asked us to go back to high school.  Grab your mix tapes & remember your dreams from high school.  It gave me a really good excuse to fiddle with my iTunes.  There were a bunch of missing songs, I was going to correct that as quickly as I could! 

I'd love to write an entire post about how the music brought me back to high school, but I can't.  I had a good high school experience.  Not "I was Prom Queen" good, but not "Alone in a Locker" bad.  But I don't remember my dreams.  I wanted to go to college & leave my hometown.  That was it.  Unfortunately, today wasn't the day for digging deep to figure out why I didn't have big dreams in high school.  Today was a day for cleaning & prepping for my family.  Sorry, CBC.  I got a good post apologizing for my previous post.  I think it'll make up for my lack of dream chasing.

But I did clean up my iTunes.  And that clean-up took me down memory lane.  I cried when I heard Jeff Buckley's "Last Goodbye."  I sang with Johnny Gill's & "My.  My.  My."  I grabbed a cd holder & found our birthing cds that were never used.  "Slow & Steady" Vol. 1 & 2. and  "Fast & Hard" Vol. 1 &2 never made it to the hospital but they were loved before he popped & after our first was yanked out.  Yes, he was yanked.  Then I flipped the page & saw our wedding cd.  It was about time that makes it to my iPod.  It's 7 years old, so that last 3 songs (hidden tracks. yep, we're dorky) didn't burn.   I dug through our small stash of remaining cd & found a loot of unopened wedding cds.  I ripped that cd open & went back to 2003.

That cd still holds up & always will.  Some are personal & others are just good songs about love.  But I remember the time & energy I spent in choosing each song.  I wanted it to reflect our life & I think I did it.  I still love each song on that Playlist.  So I thought I'd share one of my favorites this Friday.  Because very soon a good chunk of my favorite people in the world will be at my house just being around.  And that's so much better than being in our usually places which are far away from each other.

The original Lemonhead's version didn't link well, but I love her voice with the song. And it's Friday!



  1. i've never heard that song, love it! i'm finding yesterdays prompt quite hard ... high school was just a few years ago for me, and my dreams really haven't changed that much ... most are now happening or happened. ah. i will get to doing yesterdays prompt tonight sometime at some stage hehe.
    Hope you have a wonderful time with your favourite people :o)

  2. See you soon . . . and I couldn't even begin to tell you what my dreams were in high school. I think they extended to "graduate, try not to screw up, go to college" . . . pretty sure I accomplished most of them.

  3. music is so powerful, isn't it?!

    we did wedding cd's too. I made the mistake of insisting on putting J-Lo's "I'm Real" the murder remix, complete with the F-bomb on it and didn't put anything to warn our very old guests about it. Turns out that CD got stuck in the car's CD player on a very long ride home. I still feel totally bad about that. oops! (I still love me that song, Fbomb and all).

  4. Sophie Madeline has a song about knitting a sweater. She's really awesome and I'm glad you posted this song! I hadn't heard it before and I think I love it now...