Saturday, May 22, 2010


I'm a talker. My parents are talkers. My siblings are talkers & I'm going to assume that my grandparents were talkers. Because this kind of skill isn't cultivated. Classes help, but a talker is born that way. It is a God given talent.

Please don't get lost in the wording. "Talent" & "skill" aren't always positive words. I'd give examples but I'd hate to offend someone right away. You see I always say too much. I'm loud. I monopolize the conversation. I ramble. I ramble so much I get lost in my point. I'm passionate. And with passion, there's always someone that is as passionate about the other side. Therefore, I usually piss that side off. I tell strangers in Target about my poo issues. I hold up lines at Starbucks because the barista has a nice watch. Talking isn't always a good thing. I'm constantly talking & working with myself about the bad issues that come with being a talker. But in the end, it's what I do.

My older sister likes to talk & write too. And what are two gals suppose to do with all those words? Blog them. We don't believe our words are important for others to read. We don't think we're so funny that others will surely die from laughter. We just need an outlet. Some people listen or make music. Some people get lost in mountains of books. Some people crawl into a closet & do a ton of drugs. But we're talkers, so we talk. Maybe our families will get a break from our mindless ramblings. Don't hold your breath, families.

I will add a few disclaimers. We're a filthy bunch. We cuss too much. I promise I want say, "Shit" in every post. But I won't apologize when I do. We're crude & have never not discussed poo or vomit. Me a little more often because I have two small boys. And it has been a long time since I was thrown-up on, so I feel one coming. I'm not good with my grammar, but Jill is. So if that's your thing, anticipate her posts & fear mine (please fill in my occasional missing word).

But really we love stuff. We love our families. We love talking about our families. We love photographing our families. We also love to hate our families. Don't feel bad for them because they feel the same way. Trust me. We love sharing our frustrations & successes with our knitting projects. We sew, but rip more than we finish. We love to cook, read, & dance to crappy pop music. One of us loves tattoos, one of us loves to be a chicken, & one of us loves the show "Cops".

Bear with us as we put this place in order.


  1. ackkkkkkkkkkk! i'm the first commenter on your brand spankin' new blog! woo-hooooo! do i win a prize??? ;)
    now i can bookmark your blog and get my fill of your ramblings instead of reading all of your tags. (since you've warned us you aren't spillin' your guts in them any more).
    by the way....i want your tee-shirt.
    mary (cinco_mom)

  2. Wait ... you don't love Cops? I thought you did :). I won't even comment on the grammar this time (no coffee).

  3. Listen, Lady! One of your rules to make this work is to keep your grammar comments to yourself. And I'll keep my disgust in your lazy posting to myself.


  4. The more cussing, the more I'll come back for more. Seriously.

  5. Could I have said the word "more" again? Really, typing on a Sunday morning before coffee should be outlawed.

    p.s. Can't wait to follow your ramblings on here.

  6. Love it! Can't wait to read more

    again, cant type bc of left hand and nursing...ha!

  7. woooohooooo!

    i thought for sure it was going to be call 'why the hell not' : )

    you guys make a great team. glad to see you back in action.

  8. Oh this is going to be good ;) Can't wait to read more!!

  9. i will follow you anywhere!! yea erika & jill!