Sunday, May 23, 2010

Lists, Or How I Suck At Following Them

Every year, about this time, I get this itch to make lists. Part of me thinks that it has something to do with being a teacher and that never ending quest to learn. But truly, it stems from the fact that summer is about 18 short work days away, and I am a person who craves structure. Seriously . . . who makes "to do" lists for the summer? Umm, me. Summer should be a time of relaxing on the beach, basking in the sunlight, and recharging for the autumn. One problem . . . I burn quite easily. So I make lists instead.

Three-quarters of the time, my lists look like this:
  1. Read insert 25 titles of books here.
  2. Finish knitting insert all of my knitting projects here.
  3. Make a quilt, bag, dress, whatever-strikes-my-fancy.
  4. Learn how to take photographs like my sister (because I am a shitty, shitty photographer).
  5. Exercise (seriously, this makes it on the list every single year).
  6. Read some books for school.
  7. Be a better cook
    The list could go on and on and on. Rarely, if ever, do I cross off a single thing because while I crave structure, I also fall into routines too easily, routines like this:
    1. Make two cups of coffee.
    2. Watch Morning Joe.
    3. Watch People's Court.
    4. Watch Judge Judy.
    5. Watch some other horrible reality television program with a judge.
    6. Watch more television.
    7. Attempt to make dinner.
    So, the only list I plan on making this summer is limited to one thing: don't watch television during the day . . . except for Morning Joe (I kind of have a crush on Joe Scarborough . . . if anyone knows him, please pass the word).



    1. 8. Finish Erika's wedding album.

      I think 7 years is long enough. I'm just saying...

    2. I just wanted to make sure you kids a) were done with the baby making; and b) would last ... but I'll jump on that this summer.

    3. i think you stole my list. except for the reading books for school part. i could replace that with return books to library. but other than that . . .

    4. oh my, you wrote my list down for me! Thank you hehe :o)

      just in case you were wondering, found your blog thru a comment Erika left on mine and Sandra's blog - A Mindful Home. And then I clicked on your (Erika's) flickr badge, seems we are contacts over there! :-p

    5. I totally make big Summer Goals lists every year. They're more important to me than the New Year's lists.