Monday, August 29, 2011

I Think This Qualifies As a Rainbow, Right?

So, summer is in session one more day. I decided to be extremely proactive and: do two loads of laundry, vacuum the stairs and hallway, organize my closet, melt my crayon canvas, finish my lesson plans, and create a "Getting To Know You" bingo game for my students. In and amongst all that, I swept the floors and part of the basement and cleaned up in the way, way back of the basement as the people who maintain our heating system called to say they could make it over to complete the autumn cleaning. Oh, and I'm waiting on the insurance company to call about the windshields.

Because of this whirlwind of activity, I'm able to sit down and enjoy the very lovely, albeit silly, Lost In Austen while I tidy up some lessons for the first three weeks of school. If you haven't seen the miniseries and you enjoy all things Austen, I encourage you to check it out. Jemima Rooper, Hugh Bonneville, and Alex Kingston make it a pleasure to watch this mish-mash of Austen's Pride and Prejudice and a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure book. 

Having this day off at the beginning of the school gave me an opportunity to get my Project 333, Phase 4 clothing in order. I never really published a Phase 3 list because I didn't put one together. When school let out, I took out some of the more "professional" clothes and substituted more casual fare. The only items I didn't include were clothes I took on vacation. After all, I couldn't see keeping two bathing suits for just a three-day trip; besides, would I count them as one item even though there were two parts?

It's not as pretty as I would like . . . but I like it nonetheless

Here's my list for the last, full phase of Project 333:
  • white L. L. Bean 3/4 sleeve shirt
  • black L. L. Bean 3/4 sleeve shirt
  • green L. L. Bean 3/4 sleeve shirt
  • light blue L. L. Bean 3/4 sleeve shirt
  • teal Apt. 9 short sleeve shirt
  • apple green Apt. 9 short sleeve shirt
  • teal Old Navy scoop neck short sleeve shirt*
  • two white Lane Bryant camis
  • blue Old Navy tank
  • green Old Navy tank
  • pink Old Navy tank
  • teal Old Navy short sleeve sweater
  • purple Old Navy long sleeve tissue sweater
  • cream Old Navy long sleeve tissue sweater
  • green Lane Bryant short sleeve cardigan
  • black Torrid 3/4 sleeve cropped cardigan
  • black Old Navy asymmetrical long sleeve cardigan
  • black Macy's swing cardigan
  • teal Old Navy faux-wrap long sleeve sweater
  • three pair black capris
  • khaki capris
  • Lane Bryant jean skirt
  • teal dotted Mossimo skirt
  • black Old Navy skirt
  • Mossimo jeans
  • Apt. 9 capris
  • Apt. 9 boyfriend jeans
  • two pair black sandals (dressy thongs and the Clarks wedges)
  • black Clarks pumps
I've decided that I will keep three items to mix and out as needed: a teal short sleeve shirt from Macy's, a black scoop neck Old Navy short sleeve shirt, and something else (I have laundry in the dryer after all . . . and I can't remember what it is right now). I'm continuing the self-imposed rule that all hand-knit items are fair game to be worn without counting toward the 33 items. Also, I'm not counting any jewelry in the list. I usually only wear a wedding ring and perhaps a bracelet. Purses or handbags aren't counting for me, either. I use only one or two purses, a knitting bag, and a laptop bag (I downsized from the massive Vera Bradley bags last year . . . but I still need to sell them on eBay). Once the weather gets truly cold, and it will around October, I plan on changing out the capris for dress slacks and a few of the short sleeve or tissue sweaters for something more appropriate. I'll also put the sandals away and bring the red pumps out . . . because I miss those shiny, patent leather lookers.

Hopefully we have the first day of school tomorrow . . . otherwise, I'll be forced to clean the attic or the basement. And that would truly be a horror. 


  1. My summer list was so short I never bothered to write about it. Maybe I should now that the end draws *sob* nigh....

  2. Speaking of silly Austen stuff--have you see Bride and Prejudice--a Bollywood P&P?
    Hope you're back in school and have escaped the cleaning of the attic.