Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Surprising News

No.  I'm not pregnant.  The blog would go dark if that news was ever typed out.
Yesterday Mark came into the family room and said he was going to do the dishes forever.  He then flipped it and said, "for the next four months."  Truth be told, I could give a shit if he does it forever or for months. I just love that he's going to do it.

{I've also given up buying cheap detergent.  It doesn't work}

Other news?  I signed up for Mondo Beyondo.  A few reasons why.  One, she said it was life-changing and I listen to my friends.  Two, I'm supposed to take a class this year and I'm thinking this will give me a push to take another one. Three, they were running a buy one get one free deal.  Why not?  I'll blog about it over here.  There's a post up, so please update your feeds.

Oh yeah...  I'm having a contest!  Head over & help me out.


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