Friday, April 15, 2011

There She Goes

When you go out into the workforce, they generally give you a manual or a job description or something that will get you through the day. Occasionally, they'll give you some on-the-job training, perhaps even a mentor or two. But being a parent is a whole other kettle of fish. Sure there are books, but have you ever really studied the What To Expect book series? The information in there is enough to scare a woman into crossing her legs and hoping for the best for the rest of her fucking life. But you can't cross your legs and ignore that ever growing bump because ready or not, you've got to have that baby sometime. You can read every book ever written. You can be the best baby-sitter ever. It still won't help after they hand that baby - or two - over to you.

So, twenty years ago, I was concerned about getting drugs before the contractions got any worse (yup . . . at 1cm, I was concerned about drugs). I didn't want to puke on the operating table (I did). Dave didn't want to see anything during the C-section (and saw it all). By 10:30 PM, we no longer had Baby A and Baby B. Instead, Jordan and Shelby entered our lives, and we never looked back.

"There She Goes" by the Boo Radleys
"Sweet Disposition" by Temper Trap

Happy birthday, Girls! You are the greatest . . . and I have the tattoo to prove it.


PS - When they were little, they would often sing the songs that Dave and I listened to. "There She Goes" was one of their favorite. Somehow, their other favorite didn't seem appropriate for a birthday.


  1. oh wow that got me all choked up.
    they look like totally awesome fun babies/girls/ladies.
    their smiles and laughter exude a great spirit.
    happy 20 to you all

  2. It's nice to see that they've always had that pissy look. Even when they were babies they knew how to show they were unhappy with a good ole pissy glance!

    Loved it.

  3. Happy Birthday to the girls!! My birthday is today as well and I'm honored to share it with your awesome daughters!

  4. oh that last shot of them walking bittersweet. this is a gorgeous tribute to your dear daughters, Jill. So full of amazing moments, thank god for cameras...xo!

  5. so fun to see the progression, my have they grown into such beautiful women! so sweet jill.

  6. It's about time I came over from flickr to say hello, so thanks for including the link! And what an occasion. The slide show was wonderful and what beautiful daughters you have! I made one for my youngest on his graduation from high school last year and get all choked up thinking about it. Lovely job, you!

  7. i missed this until just today ... and now i am trying not to cry. there are so many things, jill, that this made me think and realize but the first is 20 years??? , it must feel sometimes shorter than those six minutes of your amazing video. they are beautiful and every part of that just showed that someone(s) taught them to be just that way. give them a super late but heartfelt hug from me .... i swear I am going to have to get you and your sis to me (or me to you) someday.

    any chance you would make it to rhinebeck next oct? i ams eriously thinking about going.