Friday, February 25, 2011

Winter has Stolen my Voice.

Last night, I figured that I should start pulling my weight with this blog.  But I don't have enough words to create paragraphs, so I'll give you a list of stuff that makes me happy this snowy Friday.

1. I joined Twitter.  Why so late, Erika?   I'm a late bloomer.  Don't even ask when I got my period...  I guess right now I'm only good with 140 words.  Here I am.  And I promise I won't talk about the beginnings of my period.  Maybe.

2. I'm obsessed with Adele.  Full on girl crush.  I might cry if I ran into her at Target.  Obsessed.  Our entire house loves "Rumor Has It".  I wish some "classy" stripper would add it to her set.  There's glitter I'd be ok to come home with stuck to my clothing.

3. Ikea trip this weekend.  Meatballs & lamps will be purchased.  Kids aren't coming, so our sanity will be spared.

4. Pinterest.  Enough said.  Pin it!

5. I've got a work trip coming that should supply me with enough sun to last until Spring.  That's the plan anyway.

6. Wish this lady a "Happy Birthday"!

That's all I've got today.  Six little points.
Happy weekend, people!



  1. awww adele, she makes it look so effortless. HUGE fan of the london girl!
    pinterest, too addictive for me, i had to step away from the computer, i'll follow you though... and on twitter too.
    happy friday erika, always here, even if i'm not seen to be around much. i love you & your stuff x.

  2. adele was just on morning becomes eclectic and i might have cut my patient time a little short to sit in the car and listen.
    so, does this sunny trip happen anywhere near los angeles? i will drive to meet you if it does.

  3. thanks for the bday shout out lady and your cd arrived today. i am running off to play it loud!
    thank you.

    with spring will come our voices.
    i hope.

  4. i <3 adele. truly.
    pinterest? i just heard of it this morning when someone followed it to my flickr photo and i thought....wha??? i guess i should go check it out for real now.
    love this sp of you by the way. gorgeous.