Wednesday, February 2, 2011

"How They Look"

I woke up to the second call from our Superintendent.  Someone should tell her to speak gently during her recorded messages.  No one likes to be barked at over the phone at 7:20 a.m.  Truth be told, the winds kept me up most of the night.  It was time to repeat yesterday.  Shuffle to the coffee maker.  Make sure the tree is still upright.  Close the boys room & be as quiet as possible.  Check emails.  "Joy of Love" prompt: Show how your loved ones look.  Easy.  I'm going to be with them all day.  Again.  I wanted to find some way to creatively capture them, but being stuck inside for two straight days zaps that juice.

Want to see what my loved ones look like first thing in the morning?  On the second snow day?  In the same clothing as yesterday? While eating cereal with bedhead?  Right before being taken down with a wrestling move?  And being so loving that it makes your heartache?  I thought so.  

It doesn't happen often, so I'm going to linger here for a while.



  1. so sweet. and it's nice to have everyone home sometimes.

    sometimes. ;)

  2. Cherish these moments. They fly by way too fast!

  3. don't ya just love when they tackle with loving embraces like that. i get that view here a lot with k & c and man they just melt me.
    hope you all got out today.