Friday, January 14, 2011

Year 2

With your first kid, you tend to focus on the Firsts for that child.  First tooth.  First time eating cereal.  First friend.  First steps.  First time sitting on the potty.  There are tons of Firsts that are celebrated, recorded & cherished.  The second child also has the same Firsts.  I've learned that they aren't recorded as often, but they are celebrated all the same.  But I've discovered that the second kid (more important, the last kid) gets a category that the first kid will never get.  He gets Lasts.  And it isn't about him.  It's more about the parent.  It's the Last time we get to witness certain aspects of childhood.  I'm sure that the Lasts could get sad & sappy, but I'm not looking at it that way.  The Last category is about the slow climb towards independence & growth.  And isn't that the goal of parenting?  Last nursing jag.  Last diaper changed (God willing it will happen).  Last night in a crib.  Last high chair meal.    Last time doing a bunch of baby things.  This will be the last time you get to see me as a mother to a two-year-old.

And this will be the last time you get to see my two year-old son.  He's looking forward to three.  We all are because it's going to be full exciting Firsts & Lasts for the entire house.


Here's his year 2 in pictures!


    could not love this more!!
    and incredibly GORGEOUS SP's

  2. I came visiting here from flickr and then i had to click on the 'about us' page and when i saw that you too are a love-ah of howard, well...that was it for me. :) (i sit in my driveway a lot to listen.)

  3. I love seeing the change of him from baby to boy.
    I am watching that happen with my own little dude right now and it blows me away. 1 to 2 is big, but 2 to 3 seems so huge in other ways.
    what a great slide show.

  4. So cool to see him grow over the past year. Loving the b&w SP too!

  5. Great post. GREAT movie. The way that you capture everyday moments, usually from a different perspective or with creative framing, is very inspiring for me. New goal for the weekend - break out the DSLR and capture a moment. Any moment.

  6. He cracks me up! Happy birthday, Becks . . . you'll learn quickly that I never get anything out on time (except Christmas presents).

  7. so gorgeous ... and so good with words.
    look at that - a lady with looks and smarts, thats you.

  8. beautiful shots. i am totally in love with the one of the two of you together.
    that will be a cherished shot for many years

  9. girl, being a mom of a two year old looks so good on you. being a mom of a three year old? too hot to handle.
    that shot of the two of you? priceless.
    enjoy each year as you have this one. they each have something special to offer. xo

  10. i just watched that video.
    THAT is why you take pictures, my friend.
    what a gift.

  11. that slideshow was flippin' fantastic. hope becks is having a GREAT birthday today!

  12. Wow. Amazing slideshow. Amazing life. He is divine.

  13. bumped here from! what an amazing slideshow! I swear I have goosebumps! great picture, great job, beautiful child!!

  14. Oh this post is so wonderful. You are so right. Celebrating lasts...and firsts all at the same time.
    Love your SPs but that video totally steals the show!