Monday, January 31, 2011


I decided that with my 52 Weeks of No Color, I'd add one more rule. I must be grateful for something in the image. That won't be too hard. Since I've talked  endlessly about how I have to stalk my B&W images, the idea of love is already in my head when I release the shutter.  This does not mean I'm wax poetically about my loved ones.   I'm sure some days it will be my gratitude for the light or happiness for a trinket. But I will be grateful for something in my B&W photo.


Sunday, we went sledding with some friends.  It was the first time for the boys & the first time I had been in years.  I was worried about Cooper, but he hopped on with me & laughed the entire trip.  Becks?  He didn't like the snow.  Didn't like the cold.  Didn't like the slight breeze.  Hated the sled.  But we kept taking turns on the sled.  I'd fly down the hill watching an angry Becks get smaller & smaller.  About a half-hour into it, something clicked.  He jumped on the sled by himself, let us push him off, & he smiled the entire trip down.  With that 5 second ride, our trip sweetened.  

When we told the boys it was time to go, they didn't put up a fight it. Up & down hills will make a kid happy to leave. Coop took a break by laying down. When Becks saw this, he clomped over & took a break on Coop. He rested his head & smiled. Cooper just let him be. That mini-rest tangled up in love is what I'm grateful for this week.


p.s.  As stated, I will be deleting "A Week of No Color" Flickr group later today!


  1. awww goodness there.
    a moment to remember for sure and now you always will with this.
    casey used to hate the snow and cold (which totally sucked living where we do) this year she is out there with abandon, maybe next year becks will be to.

  2. this is such a great shot. I'm glad I'm not the only one "of two minds" about sledding. 52 color-free weeks sounds like just the challenge I need--I'd love to join in.