Saturday, January 1, 2011

But I Want Shoes That Will Work My Abs**

Yesterday, Dave commented, "You know, your sister has been posting like crazy these days," so I explained to him that Erika was finishing up her 365 run and I wasn't posting during that time. Last night we watched the video that she put up, and I got a little teary eyed watching Becks grow up right in front of my eyes. Sure, I have photos of the Girls through the years, and they did age from photo to photo, but it was much more powerful to view that all in one sitting.

Christmas has come and gone (and I'm a little thankful for that to tell you the truth), and now the new year - 2011 - is upon us. Most people make resolutions, things that are supposed to make them better or smarter or healthier. Me? Not so much. Sure, I plan on using the treadmill more . . . but the heater looks so nice sitting there on it. And I really plan on cooking more for Dave and me . . . but sometimes it really is cheaper to run to Panera Bread. Resolutions? Whatever. But projects? I'm your girl for a good project or two or three.

Project 333 fits the bill quite nicely. It's been about three years now that I've noticed I wear the same five or six sweaters all school year long and rotate in the same couple of pants throughout the school year. Hell, I was giddy - seriously laughing out loud - when a friend gave me a pair of jeans she didn't like because they were the same, exact pair that I loved and adored. I've read Beverly's blog for years now and was inspired by her success (she's very inspirational . . . go check her out). And so, after finding pink tank after pink tank after pink tank with the same blue, ink-like stains fresh out of the wash, I decided that something had to give. Seriously, how many pink tanks does one girl need? Apparently, five.

They Didn't Make the Cut
The Cast-Offs

I pulled all of my clothing out of the closet and drawers and settled on 33 items to take me through the next three months. Here is that list:
  • gray Old Navy work pants
  • gray Daisy Fuentes Kohls work pants
  • black Apartment 9 work pants
  • black Daisy Fuentes work pants
  • Mossimo jeans (the ones from my friend, Marijo)
  • Old Navy jeans
  • red Lane Bryant pullover sweater
  • green Old Navy cable cardigan
  • black Old Navy party cardi cardigan
  • gray Old Navy swing cardigan
  • ivory Old Navy swing cardigan
  • ivory Old Navy thin pullover
  • teal Old Navy cardigan
  • black Macy's swing cardigan black Old Navy boat neck sweater I live in this thing on the weekends
  • white Old Navy long sleeve t-shirt
  • white JCPenny's long sleeve t-shirt
  • black Apartment 9 Kohls wrap 3/4 shirt
  • black Lane Bryant  3/4 t-shirt
  • gray and black striped Old Navy t-shirt
  • two white Lane Bryant camis
  • hot pink Lane Bryant cami
  • purple Lane Bryant cami
  • black Elf Clarks
  • black Mary Jane Keens
  • red Ecco pumps
  • UGG alikes (and they are so old that they are rank and smell of death)
  • ivory Old Navy  winter coat
  • teal pashmina 
  • London pashmina
  • Chamila bracelet*
  • charm necklace*
  • black belt
So . . . I shop at Old Navy a lot. And I like cardigans. I also like The Cardigans, but that's a post for another day. At this point, half of my excess clothing is in a clear box and the other half is on the Girls' bed waiting for another clear box so it has a happy home for the next three months as well, including two Burberry scarves, a pair of Fluevog sandals that I've only worn once, and about 30 Vera Bradley purses (might have a problem with that).

Project 333: The Beginning
I love them . . . but they hurt like a son of a bitch

I am bending a few rules and only a few. Hand knit items are off the table. Period. Full stop. Anything that I happen to finish, like a sweater or socks or a sweater or a hat or a sweater, are fair game, and I'm not budging from that.  Besides, if I happen to actually finish something, then I've made a dent in my ever expanding yarn stash. Also, any jewelry that Dave has given me won't be put away. There aren't many pieces (a few necklaces, two bracelets, a ring or two), but I can't choose . . . so I won't.

So, project number one is underway . . . but I'm pretty sure that there are more to come. There always are.


* My Chamilia bracelet and charm necklace have many, many charms and parts. Again, I'm okay with that. 
** Title courtesy of Dave, who after learning that his new Avia sneakers were really working his calves, made me smile with this gem


  1. Well put! I REALLY need to go through my closet and drawers too. I could go 3 months and not wear the same thing to work!!! time to go, but...I love that sweater you got me in England and the one I bought right before I got on the train in England...and then all the wool ones too...and the pink and lime green ones. It's too hard to do so I just put them all back in my drawers. Maybe someday. Heck, it was just a few years ago that I got rid of all the Cato sweaters I got when Erika worked there. (she was 16 then...and how old is she now?) Congrats to 2010 and yea to 2011.

  2. I'm excited to do this with you! This round, I'm also not counting hand knits (like I ever finish anything!) or jewelry.

  3. Yeah! First, loved your video! The B&W city shots were gorgeous. And thanks for the compliment on ours. It was funny to watch Becks go from baby to a boy. And I cry every time I watch it. But I'm a big baby.

    Second, I'm so excited to watch this project unfold. I'll be really excited to see your Donate/Sell On ebay pile in the end. Maybe? Come on...

  4. Love the title, and the description of your Uggs. Welcome to the project. Now, off to check out more of your cool blog.

  5. Thanks for swinging by! A lot of the clothes I selected to keep are also from Old Navy - I guess they have the most affordable, practical, cute clothes? It's amazing how much space clears up in the closet/dresser!! My dresser is currently empty (will be moving it out soon), as well. I'll be keeping an eye on your posts!! :)

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