Thursday, December 23, 2010

2:10 365 Countdown


I need to say that these days were the most surprising & the most satisfying of 2010.  On these days, I met women that I only knew online.  For months, I had been inspired by their images & left a few words of appreciation.  With the first meeting, my work put me in Laura's hometown.  She agreed meeting me at a local bar.  After the ease of that meeting, I was excited to meet more of these women.  My family & friends still tend to get worried about me hanging out with strangers.  But I have never felt like these women were strangers & every meeting was fantastic.  My 2010 was better because of these specific days. 




[ carmen ]

Jessica Valle


  1. hooray for flickr friends.
    my husband calls you all my 'pretend friends' and gets a little squirmy about it all too.
    oh well...

  2. Neal gets a little worried when I meet my online peeps, but they are the best peeps of all!!

  3. :) You've definitely had a great year, lady. And for the record, I think each and every one of your meetings has been so good mainly because you're so darned easy to be around. Miss you, and can't wait to meet up with you again in 2011!