Saturday, November 6, 2010


I'm incredibly grateful for our libraries.   I'm shocked when people don't use their libraries.  Because our library system is so good, we're able to preview all new book purchases.   I can honestly say that I have never not found a new-release or  older book I was searching for because they always have it.  The reserve feature is almost magical.  See a book online/tv, visit the library's website, reserve it, a few days/weeks later it's in your hands.  See?  Magic!  We get to read books that have been out of print for years.  We get to listen to music that was stolen from our college collection.  It's a service that we never take for granted & use on a weekly basis.  Last year, we were afraid that our quality of service was going to be diminished because our libraries faced budget issues like everyone else in the world.  They cut hours (no Sunday hours & shorter weekday hours) & some funding for new books.  We felt devastated.  Sunday trips to the library were starting to become the norm in our house.  Believe me, library trips are not always smooth or enjoyable with two young kids.  There's plenty of "How do we speak in the library" talk as we drive over to the branch.  We like to pour over each new release & linger in certain aisles & kids don't understand "linger" as well as we'd like.  Actually, they know how to linger when we don't want them to linger, but that's another post.  But this past Tuesday, the library got some funds because the people voted in their favor.  I'm grateful that the libraries won. 

People, use your libraries & use them often!  Even if you don't get every single new release, check out what they have to offer.  Something will be new to you.


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  1. Ours sucks . . . but they have killer book sales, culled from the books that people donate. And I have tomorrow's post (considering I owe you more than a few).