Sunday, November 21, 2010


Today, I got to photograph my friend & her son.  I think that she was the first person I told that I was thinking about perusing photography as a side job.  She said pretty quickly that I could practice with her kid.  I let lots of time pass because I tend to just talk out loud without any taking action.  I'm grateful that one day she said "Come over on 11/21" because I probably wouldn't have acted on my own words.  

This weekend, I was able to spend it with two families.  Yesterday, I photographed another family.  She's very aware that this was my first time & we both laughed about having to be lovey-dovey.  During the shoot, I said "Just pretend like you are so in love.  Smile & each other.  Whisper sweet nothings.  All the gooey things."  There was no reason for these words.  Love shines through & is hard to miss.

 It was fun to watch these women with their children.  There's a love that cannot be faked of staged & I'm so grateful that I got to witness it.


p.s. Personally, I love that first shot.  It shows how she lets her son explore without fear.  He isn't told "No, that's really high."   I'm not sure she could stop him if she wanted.  But instead of fighting, they rely on a great balance of trust & love.


  1. love the photos...
    love your words....
    "they rely on a great balance of trust & love" just brought tears to my eyes....
    you were meant for this Erika

  2. i love them all.
    those last two photos are pretty powerful.
    i'd say you're off to an amazing start!

  3. every time i look at these they make me choke up, but i can't stop looking!
    and that ps-the perfect example of how you can transform the way I see even the most every day things. You have a gift of making the ordinary beautiful, and not just with your camera.

  4. i agree with laura....the photos are fantastic and so are your words.
    you have a way of capturing those perfect moments and such great angles. i often am looking at something and wish i could blink my eyes and capture the moment like i do with my camera. this is what you have a talent for. looking at these is like i'm watching it unfold and blinking my eyes to make it last a bit longer. xo ~mary

  5. these are wonderful!
    I am so glad you have friends who push you to do this, because you do it well.
    I keep thinking I need a little push, sometimes it is exactly what is good for us.