Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Here Jill...

Lately, I spend a good part of my day singing this song.  Jill hadn't heard it, so I was trying to sing for her before our movie started.  I'm sure the people around us did not enjoy my OOOo-ing.  There's something so Nineties about it.  I'm waiting for a young Drew Barrymore/Milla Jovovich/Moria Kelly (Toe pick.) to come running out of the party.  Instead of having my rendition stuck in her head, I thought I'd share it.


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  2. Ummm . . . your oooo-ooohing doesn't even come close (and I've never heard the song before). But thank you for quoting one of my favorite movies, one that should be required watching for anyone who thinks they like movies (and I made a grammatical error in the prior comment . . . can you tell I have been grading essays?).