Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The tents are put away.

Back to our regular life.  "Regular" isn't really true.  Our life feels pretty irregular.  We're still having big issues getting to Kindergarten.  For the past two days, we're reverting to First Day Blues.  I'm literally out of ideas.  We've tried everything & nothing is working.  So our new regular life will have to wait awhile.  Until our mornings get a little easier, I'll flip through these pictures.

And if you want to witness more fun, click here.



  1. thanks for the slideshow! i just relived it all over again! you really took a lot of pictures! i was lazy (and drunk).

  2. oh man, looks like FUN!!! as soon as i stop popping babies out, we are SO going on a camping trip.

  3. totally smelling the campfire from these shots. love it.

    hoping things are getting easier with kindergarten...