Tuesday, August 17, 2010

SSK & K2Tog Are Back.

There was a time when I couldn't imagine not knitting one stitch in 24 hours.  How could I go all day & not push the needle through a loop?  How could I not wrap the wool around & pop it out?  But I felt this coldness coming.   I tried to avoid the chill because I truly love knitting.  I started new projects hoping they would reignite my passion.  Complicated cables, luscious yarns, beautiful end products.  But it was a losing battle.  My boredom won.  And I was forced to look at a sad pile of yarn.  Still I'd return to the yarn because knits & purls were a part of my everyday life.  And then one day, I was tired & didn't glance at my projects.  I felt a little guilty that day.  The next day, I reached for the project & laid it beside me on the couch.  But I didn't touch it.  And then those days began to stretch into weeks.  The guilt slid away & I became a woman who used to knit.

But yesterday, it happened.  I've flirted with knitting in the past couple weeks.  Warm stolen glances.  A stitch here & a purl there.   Remember the scene in Cast Away when Helen Hunt & Tom Hanks run to each other in the rain?  Yesterday, I ran to my knitting.  Not in the rain of course because I was using wool.  I fell into the couch & got lost in the charts of Cerisara.  I'd love to say that I'll have a new cardigan for Fall, but I'm not new to this game.  Take a peek at my basket of projects.  There are more half finished projects than I care to admit.  I've been forced to recognize that any romance flickers & fizzles.  I'm just hoping the next fizzle holds out until at least one project is completed.

August Break


  1. YAY! Knitting from you . . . so happy! I have the lace portion of the right front and the sleeves to do for Hey Teach and then I have a completed sweater.

  2. i was just wondering the other day if you had knitted anything in a while. and now i want to rip my plans for the placed cable aran and knit this. one piece! garter stitch! a cardigan!

    seriously considering it. i should read my blog roll more often.