Sunday, August 29, 2010

Summer's Good-Bye

All signs are pointing to the fact that Summer's waving good-bye.  The sun dropped a little earlier last night.  Some old cartoons were played before the little ones got too cranky.  You could tell that the mosquitoes knew their days were numbered too.  They were on full attack mode; drinking from us with the gluttony of man on Death Row.  This morning, we woke up & realized that we're tagged with their unfortunate "Good-Bye" notes.

School starts tomorrow which is the loudest note of the Fat Lady's Song.  I'm spending tonight making the first of many packed lunches.  I'll be ironing some tiny clothes with a glass of wine perched on the board.  We'll be reviewing his list & adding emergency contact information to his book-bag.  Ears will be cleaned out & nails will be trimmed.  And finally, we'll sit around the table for homemade pie & ice cream.  It's Summer's Final dinner.  We've prepared all that we can.  We've talked it up & reassured as often as two parents are able.  The lump in my throat has disappeared, reappeared, & disappeared more times than Barbra Streisand's Farewell tour.  We've got nothing else to do but dole out hugs & say "Good-bye."

Good-bye, Summer.  You were good to us this year.  For the first time in my life & I can actually say, you'll be missed. 

-August Break


  1. It really was a wonderful summer. Good luck this week!

  2. I'm Ron Burgundy? Seriously, is he watching Anchor Man? Enjoy tomorrow . . . and there will be some enjoyable moments. Call if you need anything; I'll leave the cellphone on.

  3. Goodbye to you really iron the kiddos clothes? I'm impressed.