Saturday, July 3, 2010

A Steep Learning Curve

A week ago, I noted that I had Photoshop Elements 2 and vowed to update my software that day, which I did not. I was bound and determined to buy the latest version, but Erika suggested Lightroom. The educator's discount made it manageable, so I did. One problem . . . I didn't submit the correct proof of being a teacher. Solvable . . . just submit it again. Another problem . . . you have to run it on an Intel processor computer. Solvable . . . I'll download it to my laptop and do it that way. Yet another problem . . . my laptop doesn't want to "recognize" my camera. Solvable . . . upload the photos to the desktop, then transfer them to my jump drive, and then to the laptop. Three problems, all solvable, but this shit is frustrating.

I figured that Lightroom would have a steep learning curve, and I was right. I kind of have the basics down about loading the presets and using them on my photos, but that's about it. Haven't figured out how to rename a photo or to make sure that it even saves. I guess that I will have to do a boatload of reading before I even feel marginally comfortable with it. So far, I like it, but I think that I'll have to withhold judgment until I really understand the concepts behind it.

Dave and I took Jordan and her boyfriend to see a baseball game in the Lehigh Valley last night. We had never been to Coca-Cola Park before and were pleasantly surprised by the seats, the food (roasted corn dipped in butter, Parmesan, and Old Bay), the beer, and the team. All in all, for less than tickets to the movies, we couldn't have asked for a better evening - and I even stayed for the fireworks, fingers jammed tightly in my ears.

Enjoy the 4th of July! We'll be replacing the wax seal around on the toilet . . . and hoping it stops the dripping. Otherwise, we might have to cross our legs through the holiday.


Edit . . . Dave, who might be getting a handy-dandy toolbelt for his birthday, fixed the toilet . . . and I am in love with him all over again. 


  1. this is excellent as i love all things photography, baseball, and potty talk.
    good luck with lightroom!

  2. Great story - love your pictures!

    I love photoshop but can only manage the basics - have been eyeing up presets and actions but am alittle frightened of taking the next step! xx