Friday, July 16, 2010

Merry 4th of July Video 2010

2010's tree was spectacular!  We all agreed this was by far the greatest Fourth Tree we've ever seen.  It shot the perfect amount of fireworks before burning into the ground.  I think that we'd also agree this was the hottest & muggiest Fourth of July ever.  Have you ever seen a 34 year-old woman cry from humidity?  If we would have gotten there an hour earlier, you would have witnessed that sad event.  I was an hour away from an emotional melt-down.  I can drive 4 hours for a training, train for 15 minutes & drive 4 hours home with no potty breaks.  No problem.  I can do that 7 months pregnant with a breech baby trying to stand on the drivers seat.  I can nurse a baby for an hour & turn around to do that again an hour later.  Repeat for 3 months & not really complain.  Ask me to sit in the shade & still feel the sweat drip into my heavily padded push-up bra (both boys were big nursers), you'll see me melt-down.

Enjoy & have a fabulously chilly weekend.


  1. We probably should have coordinated today a bit better . . . and the humidity will pass.

  2. move west my friend- it's just DRY and hot here.
    though, you will be sad when you realize just how much lotion you will need. I should buy stock in Eucerine....

  3. WTF!?! I've never seen anything like that..but I love it!! I had to go ask my husband if this was some sort of midwest thing and he denies it, so is this just a family tradition for you? Holy crap..we're not even allowed to use sparklers where we live.

  4. i have mentioned that i love you people?
    best 4th of july tradition ever. hands down.