Friday, July 23, 2010

"It's Friday & I'm In Love" 35mm Lens

This post is heavy on photos . . . sorry in advance, but I really am in love - J
Dear Becky -

I think we've met once, no twice: first when Erika and I were headed to Evolve to put a down payment on my tattoo, and then again at Comfest that weekend. But I more than owe you a huge, huge thanks. When Erika and I were talking about lenses, I mentioned that I wanted to get a fixed/normal lens, and it concerned me because I couldn't figure out what to do: get the one that Erika has and then always, always, always manually focus it or just deal with the kit lens that I had. For a while, it seemed like I was opting with the kit lens because, let's face it, manually focusing for me would be painful. Trust me, it's not pretty . . . lots of grimacing and brow rubbing and more cursing per minute than a woman has a right to.

The Bank
Apparently she didn't like how is smelled

"You know they make a 35 mm lens for the D40. My friend Becky bought one, and she's really happy with it," said Erika. She went on to mention something about taking the lens out back and showing it a good time, and you know what? You were right . . . this lens is amazing . . . I'd like to lick it all over, but I failed to buy the lens cleaning kit. Maybe next week I'll give it a run for its money when Dave and I are in Montreal.

Pretty Sure They Are Weeds

We spend hours at this duck pond when the Girls were little . . . it was deserted today
Next time I'm in Columbus, drinks are on me. We'll let our lenses mix and mingle . . . who knows what they'll get up to. Enjoy your weekend, everyone! I'm participating in a photowalk tomorrow evening, and I'm kind of afraid that people will figure out I don't belong there because I really am figuring out this whole photography thing as I go. But knitting . . . knitting is easy.

- Jill

It Will Be a Scarf

It will be a scarf eventually
Drops On My Arm

Words to live by . . . they get me through the day

Raindrops are hard to capture . . . crap
It's My Mary Poppins Bag

I love this bag (but I love the lens more since you can see the knitting inside)
Reason Why I Need a Camera Bag

I really need a camera bag . . . Dave, I'd like this one for our anniversary . . . please?


  1. SO glad I played some role in you taking the leap. But seriously? You're are doing some magical things with yours, like that knitting picture for example.
    I feel like this is my first time around the block with the lens, but you- YOU are clearly showing that lens a good time.

  2. ooooooh - now i want one!
    these shots are fantastic jill, can't wait to see more!

  3. I had that same combo..the D40 with the 35mm. That lens opened up so much for me, you are already making magic with it! Have fun!

  4. oh girl, you make me want a lens like that!
    it is now on my wish list. :)
    i'd love to see the rest of that tatt! i can't read it all! show me. please?