Thursday, June 17, 2010

Not That I Would Doubt A Muppet

but maybe Kermit had it wrong. Sometimes, it's pretty damn easy being green. You can buy so much "green" crap today that you might lose sight of the fact that you don't actually need it. Seems like there is an organic product for everything (except for maybe nail polish remover). Despite our best efforts, however, there is one area where our family does not do so well at being green - two actually, but I'll save that dirty little secret for another day.

We have what we affectionately refer to as the "bag bag" in our kitchen: truly, a plastic bag filled with plastic bags. Dave remembers that they need to be taken into Wegmans or some other store for recycling, but then we forget to throw them in the car, and they spill out everywhere. I have even resorted to using them for packing boxes (cough, cough shipping presents to nieces and nephews) just to get rid of them. Solution? Buy those cute little reusable bags. Problem? Remember to take them with me. Repeat in a vicious, vicious cycle.

A bottle of wine, some cheese, maybe a baguette would look good in the bag
Enter summer vacation. I sat in front of the television - watching Pushing Daisies on DVD - and finished a knitting project: BYOB. The book that we are reading this summer for the Sit, Knit, and Read class is The Beach Street Knitting Society and Yarn Club, and Joann thought a tote would be a good idea. Miles and miles of seed stitch later (plus 12 episodes of fun albeit short lived television) the BYOB was complete.

I'm not sure if I'll be taking it to farmers' markets or toting the latest and greatest organic find from Target home. I do know that it holds about 30 plastic bags . . . thank god Dave didn't recycle them since I needed them for the photo.



  1. tee hee. I have a hard time remembering to bring bags with me too. I have tried to stick them back in the car as soon as I have finished unpacking the groceries and that seems to help.
    I also just purchased a couple of "Chico Bags" (google will take you the site)They were part of a fundraiser a friend's kid was doing for school, so I jumped. I love how small they are and that they clip onto my purse so I can just throw them in there.
    off to check out the BYOB pattern.. happy summer!