Thursday, June 24, 2010

Day Late, Dollar Short . . . Technically Two

So Erika's birthday was on Tuesday. You can motor over to her Flickr page to see how she celebrated (I'll wait . . . queue the Jeopardy music). There's not a lot about my sister that I could "reveal," considering I've said it all before, but here goes.

This is still my favorite photo of Erika (plus I loved that chair behind her)
  • I didn't really like having siblings growing up. When you are  7, 8, and 12 years older than your younger sisters and brother, you get used to doing things your own way . . . and Erika was the first to upset that happy balance. 
  • She was a willing participant in most of my schemes, including but not limited to: dressing up and posing for pictures, stupid games that put her safety in peril, stupid games that involved her being quiet, getting things for my lazy ass, eating food that clearly never should have been made. 
  • She has a way of bringing out the best in people and encouraging them to try new things. Dave will often wonder what new item I will bring home or give up from my annual summer trip to Ohio. So far, we're at a teapot, no more diet soda (which ironically I gave up before her . . . go figure), no more artificial sweetener, no more French fries (that didn't last longer than three days). 
  • Erika has a bizarre amount of phobias and dislikes: gum and gum wrappers, toothpaste, vanilla, hair clumps, other people's hair. 
  • But she has an equal number of likes and loves: the song "Fancy," Brittney Spears, Cops, SVU, Brangalina, Toni Braxton (I honestly don't get this one).
  • She's one of the best "boy" moms I know and one helluva mentor/aunt for the girls. I know Jordan is talking to her on the phone when I hear her laugh and then nothing for a minute or so because she's lost her breath from laughing. 
  • She's my sister . . . that pretty much sums it up. 
Happy birthday (two days late)! You are officially out of Target's demographic range, unless they realize that they are missing out on your opinions.



  1. Yes, gum wrappers.

    That's my favorite photo!
    Someday Target will realize my power. Someday!

    Thanks! I love you.

  2. what a sweet tribute- Happy Birthday to Eeeeerika!

    Happy cake, all around! (happy cake is birthday cake, muffins, cupcakes or anything of that nature- according to my little guy)