Friday, May 28, 2010

"It's Friday & I'm in Love" Starbucks Ice Tea cups.

I have lots of favorites. So many that I forget to share. I figured that I'd use Fridays to pass these along.

It's no secret that Starbucks is one of my all-time favorites (all-times: My camera, Dyson, Bare Minerals, Ingenue tea pot). If you tell me that they dye sawdust to match the coffee grounds & then mix them into every pound, I'd say, "Genius!" When I was pregnant with Becket, the logo alone sent me drifting towards Happiness. When I walk past a location & I smell the Pumpkin Spice syrup, I know it's fall. I look up & sure enough the leaves are orange, brown & crispy. Via? Via-rrific!  Starbucks just makes me happy.

A couple years ago, I saw a McDonald's vs. Starbucks challenge on CNN. Apparently, McDonald's coffee won hands down. I think the clown rigged the challenge because there's no way it's better than Starbucks. McDonald's coffee taste like burnt Styrofoam and it's hot as hell! Remember the woman that sued for hot coffee? I don't blame her! If I spill a Tall Starbucks on my Girlie Goods, they'd be numb. If I spill a small McDonald's on my Girlie Goods, the GYNO at the ER would have to ask, "Are you done with kids? Cause you are."

What more could Starbucks do to impress me?  Let me share. It's something I can't believe I've lived my summers without. I've seen the ice tea tumblers for the past couple of summers. I really don't need one more reusable cups.  Honestly.  But my mom is obsessed with this style of cup. They have half a dozen because they don't sweat. When they travel, they seek out this type of tumbler.  Since Ma knows best, I decided to pick up the small one. I had them fill it with an ice tea. Screwed on the lid & went to the grocery. I left the cup in my hotbox of a car & did my shopping. An hour later & my ice tea was still freezing! Best part? No dripping. No embarrassing "Looks like I pee'd my pants" stain. Just glorious ice-cold tea. I'm pretty sure that my A/C in the car is breaking down, so I might need the big tumbler after all.

p.s. Jill these would be perfect in your house.  But since you're my Big Sister, you probably already know this & have 8 of them.  And if you do, shame on you for not using your Big Sister role properly!

p.s. again!  Have a nice holiday weekend!  Ours is shaping up to be a good one filled with lots of friends.


  1. I'm a closet Starbucks lover. There are so many great independent coffee places in my city - and I'd really like to support them rather than a giant corporation, but I don't. I'll have to check out that iced tea container. Sounds very good.

    Curious that both you and your sis posted Starbucks containers today. Think alike much?

  2. p.s. love that you're using "my favourite shot of all time" in your banner. Swoon....

  3. I love Starbucks. And I don't see how McD's or BK's or any other of the fast food coffees can even hope to compete! Once I was driving down to LA and missed the exit with the Starbucks so I stopped at McD's and thought, hey this coffee is supposed to be great, let's try it! IT IS NOT. In fact, I would go so far as to say it's pretty gross. Yes, I'm still bitter and that was a year ago. Heh.

  4. thanks for the tip!!!
    i'll have to save up for one. :))

  5. A) I have none ... but probably should before summer hits.
    B) Are you implying my house is hot?
    C) Peppermint mocha beats a pumpkin spice latte anyway.

  6. I think about getting one of these every time I'm in there. Just because I felt bad about all the waste. I didn't know there were actual benefits to it.
    ps. All their coffee is awesome, but it's their cranberry bliss bar that makes the holiday season for me. Damn it, now I'm missing it.

  7. What..McDonalds beat Starbucks!! Completely rigged. I am a sucker for the starbucks peppermint mochas around the holidays, and the frappucinos in the summer. I also dig the pumpking lattes in the fall. I guess I really just love it year-round. Fun blog you have here!

  8. i gotta tell ya....i bit the bullet and bought a tumbler. my hubs noticed it in the car cup holder and said...what's that? my NEW cup. it keeps my drink icy cold AND doesn't sweat. :) an hour or so down the road he looks down and's sweating. i wanted to slap him. so will sweat. BUT my drink was still cold and i looked cool drinking it. :)

  9. damn you sold me, now i NEEd one!